The First Ten by Alex Hillman

The First Ten

How to build a community before you open a coworking space.

"I've got one big word for this book: eye-opener."

"How wrong could I have been! Alex's take on community building helped me to realize the power of doing it right. This book saved me from a potential disaster, and taught me to be patient."
Diedrik De Mits, Belgium

Before I started Indy Hall, I had nothing.

No experience. No money. Almost no network in my city.

Today we've created a world-renowned community with hundreds of thriving members. But how?

I had to figure out how to turn my weaknesses into community building power-moves.

We've been through it all...but a decade later we still use the same power-moves we learned while opening our doors to make the right decisions to keep our community growing strong.

"The First 10" is the story of how we built our community before opening a coworking space, and the most important lessons you should learn before your even opened your doors.

What's included?

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01 Chapter 1 - Before there was coworking.mp3
(1h 10m 52s)
02 Chapter 2 - Just the two of us.mp3
50 mins
03 Chapter 3 - Our first community event.mp3
(1h 11m 43s)
04 Chapter 4 - Community life online.mp3
31 mins
05 Chapter 5 - Regulars at the watering hole.mp3
28 mins
06 Chapter 6 - Become the first follower.mp3
34 mins
07 Chapter 7 - Let's talk money.mp3
36 mins
08 Chapter 8 - Partnership & payoff.mp3
43 mins
09 Chapter 9 - The perfect space is a lie.mp3
41 mins
10 Chapter 10 - A modern day barn raising.mp3
48 mins
11 Chapter 11 - Perparing for the Long Game.mp3
26 mins

WTF is a "reverse audiobook?"

I'm a big fan of audiobooks – it's how I "read" most books. Traditionally, audiobooks start as written and edited text, later narrated by the author or a voice actor.

A reverse audiobook starts as audio. It's structured, researched, and even edited. But because it's unscripted and conversational, a reverse audiobook is much more natural (and fun) to listen to.

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